Mantle Cell Lymphoma

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Type: Multi-centre trial
Eligibility: Age <66 years Histologically confirmed (according to the WHO classification) mantle cell lymphoma stage II-IV at the time of diagnosis.  Nordic countries: high-risk patients defined by Mantle Cell Lymphoma International Prognostic Index Biological (MIPI-B), in UK all patients in need of treatment. No previous treatment for lymphoma except one cycle of any chemotherapy regimen. WHO Performance status of 0-2. Life expectancy of more than 3 months. Written informed consent.
Study details: To increase the rate of complete response and complete response unconfirmed in mantle cell lymphoma by intensified immunochemotherapy with Rituximab, High Dose Ara-C and Dexamethasone followed by BEAM in Mantle Cell Lymphoma Patients <66 Years.